Serving Within Our Walls

Care Team

Visiting those unable to join us because of illness or other physical restriction.


Helping prepare food and/or special events during times of great need or celebration.


Being Christ’s hands of care, help and healing for the hurting and in need outside the church walls.

Office Volunteer

Being the face of Salem UMC by answering phones, responding to messages & helping with other daily needed ministry.


Creating ways to help those outside the church know they can find love inside this church!

Sunday Morning A/V Team

Helping to run sound and PowerPoint to help us worship more fully.

Technical Ministry

Updating Salem’s Facebooks page with posts of activity updates, photos, and helping with the website to keep our church connected.


Being the first smiling face that greets guests and friends for Sunday Morning Worship.

Worship Committee

Assisting with choosing music, decorations & bouncing ideas around about how we can worship God.